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Shake your melons Tanning Water

Shake your melons Tanning Water

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Apply our nourishing Tannig

Water Spritz for an all ye round natural tan.

Our perfectly formulated range has skin loving ingredients which are proven to improve. moisture content, soothe the skin and have anti-inflammatory benefits whilst leaving you with perfectly glowing sunkissed skin


Before use, ensure exfoliation is camed out 24 hours before application. Add a little moisturiser to dry areas to allow for a smoother finish.

To Apply

Shake bottle well and simply spray onto the skin Blend with 3 mitt if desired This product is buildable so more can be added for a deeper glow.

This product will develop over a penod of 8 hours. Avoid contact with water in this time. Rinse off once developed to reveal a golden lan and beautifully hydrated shin

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